Spine, spine, spine...
Correct spine for recurve and compound
All information on arrows you need


With the Arrows app you can calculate the correct arrow spine for your setup.

Unique spine calculation

The Arrows app does not use a table lookup, but a unique and accurate spine calculation model.

Huge arrow database

The databse contains more than 130 different shafts with more than 600 spines from 10 manufacturers (Aurel, Beman, Black Eagle, Carbon Express, Carbon Tech, Cartel, Easton, Fivics, Gold Tip, Victory)

Benefits of the Arrows App

Correct arrow spine

Shooting the right kind of arrow is pretty important if you wanna shoot a high score, shooting arrows with a too high or too low spine can give you a disadventage in arrow grouping and score.

With the Arrows app you are ably to calculate the best spine for your drawlength and weight of your bow.

Many different shafts

The database is kept up-to-date with more than 100 arrow shafts each available in a multitude of spines from 10 different manufacturers.

Always with the latest info on arrow shafts.

More than just spine

Details like; available length, construction and kind of material used is also available.

FOC and Energy

Balance pointt (F.O.C) and energy calculations are easily done.

About Arrows

This app is able to calculate and advice a spine. When you stay within nominal constraints; no extreme overdraws and added pointweights way outside normal range, then the spine is perhaps the most accurate you can find anywhere.

However, if you are unsure ALWAYS go to your local archery shop for advice and try-out different spines and shafts.