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ARTEMIS the Evolution of archery performance

The #1 App for the serious archer and coach that will help you to improve your archery game.

About Artemis app

Artemis is an Archery Scoring and Analysis App for your Androidâ„¢ phone or tablet. It is the only App for the serious archer and coach that will help you in improving your archery game.

10 years of development!

Artemis is developed in close cooperation with many top-archers. More than 10 years of development and experience has gone into it. Click here for an overview.

Benefits of the Artemis App

Record your score

Just move your finger or thumb on the targetface and click (or lift) to record the position of your arrows.

Many different features

More than 100 pre-configured rounds. Create custom training-sessions. Shoot volume, score only or plot all your arrows.

Add details to each shot

Details like; arrow position on the target face, shooting order, arrow identification, shot execution rating or shot timing.

Setup and tuning

Artemis supports different setups and arrows. Create them and compare their performances to find those extra points.


We have extensive documentation and various (short) technical articles on on the use of Artemis (in high performance archery).

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes Artemis can be challenging; visit our FAQ section.

"Great app well worth the money. Lots of possible data analysis a real must for anyone that takes archery seriously."

Stephen Brady

"Incredible work! Get the premium!"

Andres Jimenez Gomez

"Simply the most comprehensive archery tool out there. Worth it at the free level [...]"

Stephen Collins

"App simply essential for an archer who wants to tackle this sport [...] the amount of data that can be collected is exceptional and the analysis can highlight things that would not be visible to the naked eye!"

Valerio Angelici

Real-time advice

Artemis is monitoring the trend of your groups and will raise an alert when and exactly how much you need to adjust your sight.

Read about the Sight Advice >

Artemis is also monitoring your arrows' performance. If an arrow is getting inconsistent results and not grouping as well as the others, an alert is raised so the arrow can be checked.

You can even monitor your heart-rate and stress indication.

Read about the Heart rate monitor >

Get extra points with Artemis

Best part of the Artemis Premium and Coached editions is its ability to analyse many different aspects of the sport. Sure, every archer wants to keep track of their performance, so graphs like scoring in time can be generated. But will this make a better archer?

How about shooting volume in time, plotting different group sizes for different setups or tunings or plotting the different groups sizes and positions of certain arrows or certain shots? Keep track of your form- and equipement changes and find out - in every detail - what works for you!

BOWdometer integration

Get extra value with integrating BOWdometer data.

Use the live-bowcanting feature in your practice sessions to improve your technique.

Store Xi-values, timing and bowcanting with each shot.

Analyse the effect of bowcant, shot-execution (Xi-value) and timing on your performance and grouping.

Find the documentation here >

Discover our plans

ArtemisLite can be downloaded for free and used for an unlimited time. In ArtemisLite you can upgrade to use these extra functions.


Enable all advisory and Analysis functionality of Artemis by purchasing a Premium upgrade. Integrate witth BOWdometer device.
What is Premium>


Ideal for coaches and their athletes who want their training effort and performance to be monitored closely.
What is Coached >

Share with your coach

Finished your round? Just share it with your coach. Don't simply Whatsapp your score, but share/mail a complete analysis of the round. Or share automatic with the Artemis of your coach. Read this article.

Where to start?

Artemis can become very challenging which is why we have user manuals and many articles and technical documentation to give you tips and insight into using Artemis.

Find the documentation here >

For Coaches and staff; Athletes Performance Monitoring

Have all your athletes use ArtemisCoach, so you as a coach can monitor their performance.

Have your athletes share their performance database, so you can use your ArtemisCoach app to load in the database of each and every athlete and perform in-depth analysis.

Or you can contact us on how to setup a completely automated infrastructure where your athletes data is automatically agregated and you and your coaching staff have access to a web-based management system where you can analyse team performances and drill down into any little detail of each individual athlete.

More about athlete monitoring

Thanks to

We have been developing Artemis for many years now and couldn't do that without the valuable feedback of many top-archers, coaches and also these organisations.

QR tag generator

What can be easier than simply scanning your training program in Artemis and execute it? This is why Artemis is used at the Olympic Training Centre Papendal in the Netherlands.

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Help us improve

We like to improve our app every day, also by supporting as many languages as possible.

Help us translating Artemis to your language!

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