Here at Artemis, we try to improve our app every day. Adding new functionality, improving existing functionality and solving bugs is what we do. Testing new releases on the multitude of hardware available today becomes extremely challenging.

That's why we started two years ago with an alpha-beta-production release schedule. The Alpha releases are unstable releases which only very few testers can download from Google Play, the Beta releases are stable and almost ready for production. These beta releases are tested by a handfull of volunteers and it has become a critical part of our workflow in testing ideas, gathering rapid feedback, and improving the app. But also these volunteers cannot test everything.

Now, Google Play has made it easier to manage beta tests and to get more users to join them, called Open Beta Testing. Open Beta Testing enables any user to join as a beta tester in just a single click. And opt-out with a single click! Any ArtemisLite user can now become a Beta tester. Click on the following link to find out how to opt-in and opt-out.

Each production release of Artemis will be preceded by a Beta release. Usually a few days and sometimes a few weeks before the production release. Beta testers will be able to use new functionality or have bugs resolved a few days earlier that the rest. However, Beta testing also means a slightly higher chance on finding last minute bugs so be very aware of making regular backups.