Artemis is able to keep a huge amount of data on all of your archers. How you as a coach, want to analyze this data is up to you. Some have found that using the Artemis app itself is sufficient, others want to have automated reports of more high-level data of multiple archers at the same time. The Database converter tool is capable of reading in multiple athletes databases and convert them to CSV files (comma separated files) that can be read (and analysed and visualized) by Excel.


The converter tool is written in a language called Tcl/Tk. For your computer to understand this language, you need to have Tcl/Tk installed. Tcl/Tk is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Follow this link to install Tcl/Tk for your computer

Downloading the Free community version is sufficient.

Unzip the converter:

Once you have downloaded and installed Tcl/Tk, you can download the Artemis Database Converter software below. This software is released under the MIT License, and by downloading it, you agree to this license. In short, the MIT license allows you to distribute, modify and use this software both commercially and privately under the conditions that this license and its copyright stays intact, with a limitation of liability and without warranty.

Simply unzip the converter in an empty folder of your choice.

Start using the converter:

Double click the file "Main.tcl" If Tcl/Tk was installed correctly, this should start the converter.

Note that the program saves its default settings to a file called "options.tcl" and saves its temporary files to a folder called "tmp". If something goes wrong, try to remove the file "options.tcl" and the "tmp" folder first and then restart the converter. (This is also explained in the User Manual)



Download this file ([Version 56.1]2270 kB
Download this file ([Version 58.1]2271 kB