Version 3.11 'Kings Of Archery 2016'

  • Archers credentials are now required in database.
  • Archer can set profile picture.
  • Sharing of match (not round) now produces PDF scorecard.
  • Sight extension hole in bowsetup and sightsettings.
  • Added a training-scan (coached) to find early indications of over-training. See manual for further information.
  • Rate this app on Google Play.
  • Migrated to Glide image loading.

Version 3.10 'Odense'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the Worldcup Final 2016 in Odense. In particular our Dutchies (and Artemis-users) Sjef van de Berg, Mike Schloesser and Inge van Caspel.

What's new?

  • Added a new filter which applies to all sub-filters. Read all about filters here.
  • Saving and restoring filter combinations are now saved/restored from Artemis database (and can thus be backed-up).
  • Migrated from AndroidPlot library to AndroidMPCharts. It shows better graphs, and includes nice animations.
  • Bug solved when saving sight settings without windage value would crash.
  • Small improvements on Help dialogs.

Version 3.9 'More Rio 2016'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games!

What's new?

  • Added Best Arrows Selection for competition.
  • Small changes in ArrowSet layout.
  • Small improvements in Shot-edit dialog.
  • Improved the various golds, 10s, 6s, 5s and Xs count in the scorecard.
  • Overflow menu now also shows menu-icons.
  • Solved bug in alternate shooting timer.
  • Solved bug in creating new round (did not use default bowsetup/arrowset).

Version 3.8 'Rio 2016'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio!

What's new?

  • French translation files improved and completed.
  • Personal Best extended to all rounds and much improved layout.
  • Personal Best lists highest practice vs competition scores.
  • New round now selects default Bowsetup and Arrowset.
  • Changed permissions of location updates.
  • Added database maintenance TOO_MANY_SERIES_IN_MATCH in database options (to solve bug when opening matches in matchlist crashes Artemis).

Version 3.7 'The cards have been dealt'

What's new?

  • Sight advisor is now always turned off when in competition and World Archery rules apply (whatever the setting is in options).
  • In Matchinput, the group tab now has buttons to scroll through the individual ends.
  • Solved a bug in tags (some combinations of IS and IS NOT tags did not select the correct shots).
  • When adding a match to a round, the roundlist is now displayed by date, most recent on top.
  • Solved bug where labels in graphs were not shown.
  • Added Royal Belgian Archery rounds 2x25m and 50m-30m round.
  • Some small bugs resolved.

Version 3.6 'Hit the yellow part'

What's new?

  • Updated entry/creation of rounds.
  • Indication of running timer in title bar of matchinput.
  • Small layoutchange in scorecard pull up/down button.
  • Improved GNAS imperial target.
  • Added reference coordinate axis system for analysis.

Version 3.5 'Robin Hood'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the European Outdoor Archery Championships 2016 in Nottingham (the home of Robin Hood). I will see you there!

What's new?

  • Added World Archery 60m Round and Eliminations.
  • RoundTypes dropdown, shows most used rounds on top.
  • When all matches belonging to a Round are (marked) finished, the Round itself is now also marked finished.
  • Changed color of white nocks to improve visual appearance in arrowlist and target face.
  • Code cleanup.

Version 3.4 '生 笑 愛'

What's new?

  • Added intro screens for first time user.
  • Added 3D IBO scoring rules and some (practice) target faces and format
  • Small layout changes for field competitions.
  • Solved bug where you couldn't choose SAS for finished match.
  • Solved bug (classical mistake in binary-search algorithm) in ASL calculation in MatchList, which sometimes over-estimated the ASL, thanks Mitch for shooting 342@70m and pointing this out.

Version 3.3 '生 笑 愛'

What's new?

  • Swedish translation by Arent Grape.
  • Added a Personal Bests button on the Archer main-page
  • Added the Calendar button on the Archer main-page (made it a Premium feature)
  • Added the ISA answers to the calendar view
  • Added option to change first day in calendar
  • Changed the color-picker for customizing colors (in options)
  • Solved bug where rating filter was not available in Group tab on input