The difference between the shoot-off for gold and silver at the #WAC2013 was about 1mm. How do you make sure that the arrow you're going to use for your most precious shot ever, is the best pick of your set?

A new (Premium) feature of ArtemisLite; Sjef's Arrow Selector. Of a large set of shots, ArtemisLite will assess the the grouping performance of each arrow compared with the grouping of the set. It will then order the set of arrows from best performing arrows to worst performing arrows. You can have the best choice for your shoot-off arrow, your best 3 arrows for eliminations or which arrows you probably need to check for damage.

The selection can be as simple as long selecting a match, but for more accuracy, you can also create a filter (in the Analyse tab) where you can select a large set of shots (e.g. all shots you recorded with that arrow-set in the weeks before some major tournament). ArtemisLite will compute each arrow's performance as accurate as possible.

Archery just became a game of statistics...