Introducing a new feature called Dare2Dream. This feature will take your set of shots, for example the match you just competed in, and computes the theoretical maximum score you could have had, when the group was positioned better. I.e. if you would have set your sight better.

Take for example this compound archer who shot a nice score (682 at 50m) in competition. Everything was fine, so there was no need to adjust the sight.... was there?

1) Go to Match input
2) Go to the Group tab
3) Press the 'Dare2Dream' cloud
4) Artemis will compute and inform you about the maximum theoretical score that would have been possible with exactly those shots.

Not really a big difference. The group might have scored just a fraction better (+4 points) if the sight was set correctly.


Some might argue that this will not add anything to your game, that it's just wishful thinking. I partly agree, yes, it is wishful thinking, but I disagree that it will not add anything to your game. It shows you what your scoring ability as an archer is (i.e. the ability to shoot accurate shots). But at the same time it will show you how good and alert you are in adjusting your sight. It is a very common mistake, especially with modern sights that have very fine adjustments, to under-estimate the amount you need to change your sight. If you often have a significant difference in points between your actual score and the 'Dare2Dream' score then you might need to spend some training sessions on how to adjust your sight. And knowing how to operate your sight is a much easier feat to learn than shooting your shots even more accurate than you already do.

Learn how to use your sight!


Here's another real-life example of a recurve archer who scored 300 points at 70m