High-performance coaching
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Team Performance Monitoring

When coaching high-performance archery teams, monitoring the progress and well-being of your athletes is of key importance.

High-performance coaching

Coaching a team of archers can be complex. Use Artemis to have all data in one place.

Managing a team

National Olympic Teams are using Artemis to manage the performance and well-being of their athletes.

About Team Performance Monitoring

Have your whole team use ArtemisCoach, so you as a coach can monitor all aspects of their performance. Use your version of ArtemisCoach to load their individual databases and perform in-depth analysis on individual basis.

Or contact us on how to use the Athletes Performance Monitor feature and enable your technical staff to have web-based access to the data of all athletes in the team. Web based system automatically collects the performance metrics and aggregated the data. The coach and technical staff can use any internet browser to access and visualize the data and monitor long-time performance and mental and physical well-being.

The web-based system allows the coaching staff to compare high-level team-data like daily-volume, weekly-volume, periodisation and scoring peformance. Then drill down into the data of each athlete and find trends and details in score, score-distribution, grouping patterns and the well-being of your athletes using the self-assessment questions.

"Artemis has become a key part of how we manage both our National Team and Development Squad. In a country as large as Canada we have key athletes that we don’t see as frequently as we like and working with them is made much easier through the coach version of Artemis. We are able to respond quickly to athletes and have real evidence based discussions using the information they put in to Artemis."

Shawn Riggs
Head coach Canada

"With Artemis and the Athlete Monitor add-on, I get insight in the performance but also the mental and physical state of each archer."

Wietse van Alten
(former) Head coach of Italian Olympic team

"One of the most, if not THE most complete archery plotting and analysis app on the market."

Emiel Custers
Head coach Junior Team-NL

Some dashboard examples

Team overview

Get an overview of volume and score of the last 6 months of your entire team in one view.

Athlete score

Gain insight in the scoring trend of an athlete, including average arrow score, X-week-average score and details like average scoring end.

Grouping patterns

Review your athletes grouping patterns. Assess roundness of good shots vs bad shots. Find trends where your athlete tends to miss the target most.


Look at the self-assessment in relation with volume and score.

Where to start?

It can be quite challenging to set up a monitoring infrastructure for your athletes. We know! We have been involved in setting up such infrastructure for several National Teams, and we might be able to help you too.

“Working with Marcel has been a really good experience for us. The app is regularly updated to accommodate rule changes and add new features. A custom solution would result in far more cost, maintenance and downtime and would certainly not have the archery expertise behind it that Artemis does.”

Shawn Riggs - Head coach Canada

Let's meet in a Skype or Team session to explore what Artemis can do and how it might be able to help you with high performance archery programs.

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