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Archery Balance Trainer

The Archery Balance Trainer system provides the archer and coach with an efficient tool for training exercises tailored for archery balance training.

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We have ready-made systems. You provide the computer monitor and Nintendo Balance Board and WiiMote, and you're ready to go.

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Or build your own

For the tech-savvy archers that want to build this system themselves. Who already own a Raspberry Pi 3+/4+ an 16Gb SdCard, a computer monitor and the Nintendo Balance board and WiiMote. It's prettty easy.

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Balance, balance & balance!

Archers need to stand up straight and keep their posture in an upright position during extension and aiming. Moving slowly backwards trying to extend through the clicker, or slowly falling forwards or backwards are an often seen mistake.

And even with perfect form it is sometimes difficult to stay upright, when wind gusts are pushinig on the arhers body and equipement. All these movements affects your accuracy as an archer.

Archers use visual, proprioceptic (feeling) and vestibular feedback-loops to control their inherent unstable position. But how to effectively train these? You need a system that measures even the smallest movemenmt and gives direct feedback; the Archers Balance Trainer system.

About Archery Balance Trainer

The archer straps on the Wiimote on their upper-bow-arm and stand on a Nintendo Balance board. When performing their shooting routine, the system measures and shows any movement of the center-of-gravity of the athlete. The coach can set a target and the system will sound an alert (or start vibrating) when the archer moves out of that target.

  • Audio and rumble feedback provided by the system.
  • Practice keeping and correcting stance.
  • Train your muscles and central nervous system to quickly and efficiently detect and react to external disturbances like wind and wind gusts.
  • Check the consistency of your shooting form, by comparing the center-of-gravity movements from one shot to the other.


The Archery Balance Training System consists of a small but powerfull computer in a red/white case that is capable of wirelessly connecting to your Nintendo Balance Board and WiiMote. A screen and mouse can be attached to operate the system.

The Balance Trainer software with a lifetime non-transferable license is installed on the mini-computer.

You can purchase this system for € 299,-

Not included are (you need to provide these yourself):

  • An original Nintendo Wii Balanceboard
  • A Nintendo Wiimote
  • A Computer screen with HDMI input and HDMI cable
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Build your own

If you're a tech-savvy, and own a Raspberry 3+ or 4+ you can build the system yourself. Just download the SdCard image and transfer it to a 16Gb SdCard.

To use the Archery Balance Trainer you will need the following items:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3+ or 4+ board and housing.
  • A 16Gb SdCard.
  • An original Nintendo Wii Balanceboard.
  • A Nintendo Wiimote.
  • A Computer screen with HDMI input and HDMI cable.
  • A license to run the software

To run the software, a software license is required. This unlimited, non-transferable license can be purchased for € 90,-

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User manual

The user manual for downloading, installing, setting and using the Archery Balance Trainer.

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Download application

Installing the application on a Raspberry-Pi 3+/4+ is easy. Download the SdfCard image and see the User Manual how to transfer the image to the SdCard.

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