Artemis Upgrades

Artemis can be upgraded with two licenses. The standard free version is called ArtemisLite then there is a premium upgrade called ArtemisPremium and the pinnacle of archery performance software is ArtemisCoach. Everyone can download the App and start in Free mode (ArtemisLite) for an unlimited time. The upgrades are only available as subscriptions.


This is the free downloadable version.

Artemis Premium

Although the free version is very capable of helping the average archer, it is the premium version that unleashes the true potential of Artemis. With the Premium features you will get all kinds of advice and analysis functions that will be a giant step forward in your archery game.

  • Real-time Sight advice;

    The Sight Advice function gives a very accurate sight adjustment advice to get your group back to the center of the target in just one adjustment!

    Read this article on sight-advice >

  • On June 11th 2014, we requested an interpretation from the World Archery Technical committee concerning the use of arrow plotting software in general and computing sight advice in particular. The ruling can be found in this article:

    Read this article on World Archery rules concerning plotting software and sight-advice >

  • Real-time arrow advice;

    The Arrow advice will warn you when an arrow starts to misbehave (start having different grouping patterns) than your other arrows. Time to check your nock perhaps?

  • Store and compute your sight settings;

    The sight setting graph and calculator enable you to store all your sight settings for all the different bow-setup combinations you use. The sight setting calculator uses three sight setting to draw a graph and compute the rest of the distances. It can even measure the up/down angle for field shooting and adjust the sight settings accordingly.

  • Share;

    Create a beautiful PDF of each match you shoot and share all details of this match with your coach.

  • Dare to dream;

    The Dare-2-Dream feature will give an indication of what your score could have been when the group was more in the center, and whether you can learn more (and get more point) from the sight advice function.

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  • Calendar;

    The Calendar can show summaries of your competition/practice and the volume you shot each day. This feature is a Premium feature. The calendar can also show a summary of your self assessment questions (which is a Coached feature)

  • Analysis;

    The strength of Artemis lies in its possibilities to analyse your performance into every little detail. Show the different grouping patterns when using different bowsetups, or different arrows or different shooting form. These can be shown as groups on a single target face, different color-coded groups on the same targte face or through graphs.

    How Artemis evaluates grouping patterns can be read in this (very technical and mathematical) article:

    Read this article on Archers Skill Level and Grouping patterns >

  • Create datasets by filtering your data in different ways. Then display these datasets to compare them. The smallest difference in grouping pattern will show using this feature of Artemis. There is no way any coach/trainer can visually even come close to this.

  • BOWdometer integration;

    Connect your BOWdometer and record bow-cant, Xi-value, timing and rhythm data as well as live bow-cant practise.

  • Read this article on BOWdometer integration >

    Bow canting is probably one of the biggest score-loss mechanisms in archery.

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  • Best arrows for a match;

    Best Arrow Subset Selector will select the best performing subset of arrows from your complete set of arrows. You might want to use this subset of arrows for your competitions.

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  • SAS;

    Sjef's Arrow Selector will select the best performing arrows based on the match you selected. You might want to use these arrows for elimination rounds or select the best shoot-off arrow. Upgrade to Premium to use this feature.

  • Online backups;

    Create backups and share snapshots of your database using Google Drive

Artemis Coached

The Coached upgrade has all the good stuff from Premium and adds the Coach to the equation. Whether you are a coach for a single archer or managing a team of archers, it all has its challenges. How to keep up with the performance of all of them. How to notify your coach that you did your training sessions and that it went well?

  • Sharing and monitoring different athletes;

    Athletes get the possibility for (almost) automatically sharing their data with their coach. You can synchronize your data with a file located on your Google Drive and give read access to your coach. Your coach is able to monitor your progress through this file.

  • Monitoring athletes well-being;

    Top athletes train hard and they train a lot. For a coach, it is essential to monitor the (mental and physical) well-being of your athletes. Artemis Coached enables features to do this.

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    • ISA;

      The ISA (Instantaneous Self Assessment) questions will help you and your coach find trends in your condition as an archer. How do you feel before a competition or before a practice session? Did you sleep well? What will be your focus this practice session? Do you feel fit or have muscle ache? By answering these questions once a day you can find trends.

    • Overtraining questions;

      The Overtraining questions can be used to give indications on possible overloading or overtrainings of your athletes.

  • Heartrate and stress;

    Using a simple chestband like the Polar H7. You can monitor the effects of stress on your athlete.

    Read this article on heart rate and stress monitoring >

Subscription prices

Both ArtemisPremium and ArtemisCoach are subscriptions that are valid for 1 year and are auto-renewable. You can cancel your subscription yearly from within the Artemis app or in the Google Play app itself. There is a special discount offer for first-timers (check it out!).

If you have a Premium subscription you can always upgrade to Coach; no worries, you only pay the difference in subscription fee.

ArtemisPremium subscription price depends on your location and local taxes but is (without taxes) €9,50 or $9.99 per year. ArtemisCoach is (without taxes) €12,50 or $11.99 per year. And if you try it for the first time, you get a 40% discount!

"Artemis has been developed for almost 10 years and in that time has been used to prepare for, and use at more than 30 world championships, continental championships, worldcups, etc. by many top-archers top-teams and top-coaches. We have put all the experience and feedback of those archers and coaches in the app. The subscription cost is by far not covering the development cost, experience and knowledge we have put in Artemis."

Marcel van Apeldoorn
Oct 1st, 2022